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    The SUNGHUE Chilli Sauce recipe is legendary and originally passed through a first-generation Vietnamese migrant, Sung. Sung and her family relocated during the Vietnam War and brought a wealth of flavour to Australia! Through a wish to share this taste of home with others, alongside passion and determination, these authentically delicious sauces were born! 

    Established in Melbourne Australia in 2018, SUNGHUE Chilli Sauces have fast become a favourite in the food industry.  The name ‘SUNGHUE’ is a combination of two entities. SUNG refers to the creator of the sauce recipe, and HUE refers to a province in Vietnam which is renowned for authentic Vietnamese culinary cuisine. 

    This sauce truly is the star of any meal – the saviour – the inspiration – the taste sensation. 

    Whether you’re looking for one condiment to use as pasta sauce to feed your family quickly and tastefully – or if you are a food connoisseur seeking a game-changing flavour; SUNGHUE is here to solve any taste dilemmas. We embrace all levels of heat and all food scenarios. 

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  • The purpose of most chilli sauces is to simply add ‘spice’ to a dish, however the intention of, SUNGHUE Chilli Sauce is to also add FLAVOUR.

    A true chameleon, our sauces come in a range of heat levels and can be used as a dipping sauce, marinade, sauce, soup base or even adding to pre-made meals. Please find some delicious recipe ideas here. 

    Boasting a paste like consistency, this sauce is adaptable for any food scenario and loved by Western European and Asian food lovers everywhere.

    We make our chilli sauce by slow cooking the highest quality ingredients. This helps to preserve the health benefits of chillies and add a simmering, smokey flavour to the mix. Immerse yourself in the flavourful experience that SUNGHUE Chilli Sauces provide! Similar to indulging in a bottle of top-shelf wine – the simplicity of these refined sauces does not compromise on the quality or flavour.

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    Serving Suggestions

    • Perfect as a dipping sauce.
    • Delicious added to stir fried noodles, noodle soups, rice and pasta.
    • Tasty on sandwiches, burgers, pizzas and pastries or added to barbecue and grilled meats.
    • Use for marinating tofu, meat or vegetables.
    Chilli Sauce Recipes 
  • The health benefits of chilli sauce may surprise you!

    Our Australian made Chilli Sauce hosts some spicy health benefits.  

    Chillies are a wonderful source of vitamin A, B and C which help to keep immunity high and your body functioning smoothly. Our chilli sauce recipe naturally contains potassium, magnesium and iron to help regulate and maintain bodily functions.

    Enjoy the potential improvement of digestive health, promotion of red blood cells and sharpened cognitive function. These health benefits provide even more reasons to keep a jar of SUNGHUE Chilli Sauce at home and your workplace. 

    Our refined sauces are here not only to enhance your palate; SUNGHUE Chilli Sauce is here to bring your food to life. 

    • Chilli is a type of capsicum and is also related to egg plant, tomato and potato
    • Chilli can come in all shapes, sizes and heat intensity but in general, the smaller the chilli the greater the heat intensity. This is why we have a range from mild chilli sauce to devilshly hot! Shop our range here
    • The white chilli seeds are the hottest part of the chilli
    • Fresh red chillies are two to three times hotter than green and dried chillies are between two and ten hotter than fresh chillies
    • Fresh chillies can be stored in the freezer for months and used as required, which means no wastage
    • Chilli peppers have been known to assist in weight loss due to its effect on your metabolism
    • There are about 400 varieties of chillies grown today
    • Chilli originated in native America and its consumption dates as far back as 7500BC
    • It has been suggested that the chilli chemical which cause the heat in your mouth can be lessened with fats or alcohol. Rather than water, you may get relief with a glass of milk, spoonful of yogurt or alcohol.