• SUNGHUE Chilli Sauce and its company were established in Melbourne Australia.

    The SUNGHUE Chilli Sauce recipe is legendary and originally passed through a first-generation Vietnamese migrant, Sung. Sung and her family relocated during the Vietnam War and brought a wealth of flavour to Australia! Through a wish to share this taste of home with others, alongside passion and determination, these authentically delicious sauces were born! 

    Established in Melbourne Australia in 2018, SUNGHUE Chilli Sauces have fast become a favourite in the food industry.  

    This sauce truly is the star of any meal – the saviour – the inspiration – the taste sensation. 

    Whether you’re looking for one condiment to use as pasta sauce to feed your family quickly and tastefully – or if you are a food connoisseur seeking a game-changing flavour; SUNGHUE is here to solve any taste dilemmas. We embrace all levels of heat and all food scenarios. 

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